What is Propolis?


What is Propolis?

Propolis is one of the unique products in nature. It is a product used by bees to sterilize the honeycombs in the hive, to protect the hive against insects, fungi and bacteria from the outside, and to repair and strengthen the honeycombs. In order to produce propolis, bees biochemically change the substances they obtain from the stems, leaves, buds and nectars of many plants, especially coniferous trees, with their own secretions. Propolis is also used to ensure the hygiene of the hive thanks to its antibacterial feature and to strengthen the defense of the hive with its resinous feature. The color of propolis, which is mostly dark brown, can be transparent, red, yellow and green depending on the region where it is collected. Consisting of a rich content, propolis has been used as a medicine by people throughout history.


What are the Benefits?

Supports the immune system.

Effective in the treatment of flu and cold.

Used in the treatment of herpes.

Helps to heal oral and dental diseases.

Can be used in the treatment of burns.

Effective in diseases of the digestive system.

Beneficial in upper respiratory tract disorders. Shows activity in some types of cancer.

What is M.E.D. Extract? ®

M.E.D.® stands for Dynamic Multiple Extraction. M.E.D.® is an extraction technology developed and patented by B Natural to extract most of the active ingredients and ensure products are highly pure and free of contaminants. Polyphenols with different solubility and especially flavonoids, phenolic acids and glycosylated fractions are obtained with this method.

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